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Daniella Calabrese was born into a family of Musicians and Artists. Her father, Carlos, is a Latin Classical/Flamenco Musician from Argentina. Her mother, Jane, is a Pianist from Ohio. Daniella is of Italian and Spanish-Indigenous descent and continues the rich artistic tradition of her family. 
From a very early age, Daniella demonstrated high amounts of creativity, artistic talent, and vocal ability. Daniella had perfect pitch at only eight years of age and enjoyed singing with her father. She rapidly advanced in intricate beadwork and Native American crafting. 
Daniella received inspiration from the “Music of the ’60s and ’70s,” as well as her father’s traditional Latin Flamenco Music. Her Indigenous heritage and spirituality have inspired her in various ways. Daniella also served on the Native American Advisory Council for the Cleveland Museum of Art from 2021-2023.
Daniella’s work is all over the United States. She currently has multiple pieces in the home of one of the top ophthalmologists in the United States. Daniella is a self-taught artist, jewelry designer, and vocalist. She specializes in commissioned artwork in various forms. She is best known for her acrylic painting, mosaic design, vocal ability, custom guitar design, and jewelry. Her intense and never-ending creativity is an inspiration to many, and her work is genuinely spiritual and powerful and it brings many people wonder, excitement, and amazement.

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